Translate perpendicular to surface

Dear Users of Dynamo…

I’m fairly new to the software, and brand new to this forum, so bear with me… :slight_smile:

I’m looking for the node that will allow me to place geometry on points, hosted on a surface. I’ve found the “Surface.PointAtParameter” and “CoordinateSystem.Translate”, but the translation is always according to the UCSW, not the local UV coords. How do i make a vector thats perpendicualr to a surface, or how do i make a coord system thats perp?..

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The file in question:


You want normal at parameter I think.


You have to make first the coordinates systems perpendicular to the surface and later apply Geometry.Transform
Typically you will use Surface.CoordinateSystemAtParameter. Some times it will be better to get the normal, like Michael Kirschner suggests, and obtain the others axes with some of the vectorial tools.
If you have points already in the surface and they are not following the typical UV net, you can get first the parameters of the points with Surface.UVParameterAtPoint

Thank you very much, gentlemen. I will look into it later.