Transfer Type parameter to instance parameter

How do I transfer eg type comments to comments?

Get the GetTypeParameter.FrmFamilyInstance node from the package manager:

del me

When I do that I get this error.


Hi Nicolas,

Try connecting a ‘Watch’ node to t he end of ‘Select Model Elements’, ‘GetTypeParameter’ and ‘Elements.SetParameter’ node to see what the data structure is like. Because if the data is not structured correctly it will cause an error.

Looks Mike Type Comments and Comments are not oft same type

Try this

3-5-2015 3-49-26 PM

I can get it to work with furniture but not with walls. do not work Works

Hi Nicklas,

You’ve stumbled in one of Revit API’s idiosyncrasies - walls are system families and while standard families(furniture, casing, windows, doors, etc.) have types( also called FamilySymbol in the API and in Dynamo), walls and other system families have their own special type, in that case WallTypes. You can query them like so:



We’ve discussed this a bit more previously in here:

I’d try Wy Hou’s suggestion and use the Element.Type from the clockwork package.

Super. That worked just fine.