Tool.GetSurroundingElements Node "Tolerance" functionality

I am working on a new task; which requires me to link the rooms by a specific type of walls, and all the wall openings (window family) attached to this list of rooms.
The best choice for me was to choose the node “Tool.GetSurroundingElements” from SteamNodes package.
This great node has been saving me a lot of time since I knew it; but unfortunatly now I am facing a problem with the “Tolerance” functionality in it.
Whatever I distance I give, it keeps showing me wrong results. Like if it was maybe locked on a specific distance.
I am attaching a screenshot showing this issue; in BLACK is the only correct wall linked to the room in this example; and in RED is another two rooms which belongs to another room in fact.
I changed the value to be 0.007; on a Metric project template.
I would love if someone could guide me to get this fixed.
Thank you

My bad !
I am sorry; it was something wrong actually in the model itself.
I had the two walls intersecting with the room tolerance.
Attached is the correct version.