This is a Stretch - Dynamo For Controlling Revision Schedule Filtering in Family / Project

So - revisions and phasing. Sigh.

We have a project that finished CDs and merged all clouds from the CD phase into a single revision (1) with the description ‘Pre-Expansion / Enabling / Demo’ to retain the data. Fine.

Revisions are set as per project.

For CA, on sheet A101, the team would like revision 1 to not appear on the sheet.

I am trying to find the best possible hack for this, considering that there is no way to phase revisions (I just had a case with Autodesk open on this and this was confirmed by their experts) I have seen a couple of elaborate hacks. I would like to find a more simple process of dealing with this lack of phasing for revisions.

As far as I am seeing, it is possible to view the revision schedule in the sheet family, but there is no tab for filter.

Conditional formatting does nothing for the font color to make, for example, a condition that if the revision number contains 1 then make the text appear white - not an option.

Could Dynamo somehow access the schedule in the family that appears in the sheet to mess with the data?

I’m going to start looking at this with Dynamo right now, but I feel like I am in over my head already so I figured I would ask now.


I am reading this right now:

Reading this:

Hi @Emily_Dunne

archi-lab package has nodes that can remove revison and set revisons on sheets. Check this out

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Cool. I’ll check this out.