The volume of stairs

Hi there.

I am trying to get parameters such as Volume from revit stairs and having trouble with it. Because there is no Volume in this kind of objects.
Anyone ever had such problems?


Thank you, it’s what I am looking for. But, is this nodes Solid.byUnion and Solid.Volume incuded in simple Dynamo? P.S. Why we can’t get stir’s parameters the same way with other objects is Revit?


p.s. Solid.Volume working just fine at 0.7.5 and at the 0.9.2 there is no Solid packeges.


both are in vanilla Dynamo under Geometry>Solid

But easier to just start typing in “solid” in the search box & they will come up



A stair’s volume is also exposed through a material take-off schedule. We had a discussion about that recently:

Thanks a lot, the broblem solved!