The same kind of Element returns solid or null when I try get Solids

I have 3 panels (all of them are the same Family) and when I tried to get Solids, only two of them works, the central panel returns null

Any idea to fix this error?

Hi Sergio,

Do you mind sharing panel family. So that we can have closer look at it. Thanks!

Hi Kulkul,

thanks for your help. Sadly, I don’t have permission to share the family. I’ll try to recreate the issue with my own families and I’ll share them. (But I have the same issue with other families.)


Hi Sergio,

Never mind! You could try some workarounds as shown below to get solids:


Hi Kulkul,

I appreciate a lot your help! Element.Solids and Elements.Geometry don’t work for me, but your Python Script put me on the way to solve my issue. The problem is that my Python skills are very poor, and I do a few of “Frankencode” to adapt for me this code (, and… It’s alive!! :slight_smile:

The last question to solve is that I don’t know what’s the issue with my families with the core nodes (if I make instances of the panel, some of them appear correctly and others return null values, I can’t find a pattern).I will continue the research.

Thanks a lot Kulkul!