Dynamo in Revit 2021 have IronPython not CPython

Hello All,
Happy New Year!

I’m trying to use Python Libraries in Dynamo for my Revit 2021, but the python in Dynamo is IronPython not Cpython.

I’ve dynamo 2.6.2.

Any workaround?

Atharva Purohit

There is not a ‘back port’ to 2021 for the modern engines at this time, and it would be a big lift to get it in. Best to author in the IronPython2 engine in 2022 if you need both, but keep in mind that 2021 is only supported for another 3-4 months so your efforts for 2021 will have very little runway to get any ROI.


ah okay,
thanks for replying, Jacob!