TextNote.ByStringAndPosition - is it possible to expand the resulting textnote?

Using Clockwork.TextNote.ByStringAndPosition, and it works great! But the resulting text note is the size of a single character. Is there anyway to re-size it programmatically?

want it to look like this:






But it comes in like this:


Andreas in his custom node decided to set the width parameter to zero (0) by default. If you were just to modify it slightly like so:



Then you can add width as the last input. The result is something like this:


Once again, exactly what I was looking for …thank you Konrad!

Is there any way to specify the text style to use? Or does it just default to the last style that was used?

Konrad, thanks for answering that one and correcting my sloppy work… :wink: I’ll change this the next time I update package Clockwork.

Ben, since the text size is a type property, you would have to set the TextNote instance to another TextNoteType after having created it. That should probably work with the normal SetParameterByName node.

Thanks. I thought there might have been a way to feed into the python the TextNoteType before creation…

Andreas, I can see some value in adding that into your node. It can literally be an extra input and a few more nodes nested inside of that node to set the type, all in one sweep. You could add that into the Python code, by committing your creation and then by setting its type. That should be fairly easy as well. Let me know and i can mock it up for you.

Ben, for now, just like Andreas was saying just take that node and feed into set parameter by name node with a text note type as an input. There is a node in archi-lab package that allows you to get a text note type by name. Should get you going.

That’s a good idea, Konrad. I’ll make sure to include that in the next version.