Take geometry from a Revit family, and paste it into a 2D.dwg

Hi there,

is there a method, to take specific Items out of a number of revit families, and paste them into a 2D .dwg file?

E.g.I have a file with 7 custom build stair family’s.

These familys contain 2 stringers of one flight, with many holes in them, which run into the landings on top and below.

After modifications on the geometry, I would like to take all the stringers of all 7 family’s at once, and paste them in a 2D.dwg, which can go to the nesting software of the manufacturer. (please imagine the many holes etc. on these image)

I could export them as an 3D .dwg, then take 14 stringers, paste them in one plane, flatten them etc.

Maybe Dynamo can do it at once…

Kind regards,