Tag location - reconcile

Does anybody have an idea of getting tag locations?
I am tryin to set up a script for automatic reconcilation of tag hosts.
I have a bunch of tags placed, but with new openings. So I am looking for way to reconcile hosting to the closest opening for each tag with no host.
If you have other ideas, please let me know :slight_smile:

Best regards Rasmus

Hello Rasmus!

You can get the tags bounding box in the same way that is shown for text notes in this thread:

Hi Einar.
The custom nodes doesn’t appear to “accept” the tags as elements, however it works fine with the Python scripts inside.
So now I have the location of the tags, however now the next challenge is to set the host of these tags.

Neither Clockwork or BlackBox host nodes gives any hosts.
Also I am not even sure now if there is a node to “Pick New Host”?

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in the same boat, any feedback to this would be much appreciated.