Sweeps along curve with profile family

Hello to all,

I need some help with modelling a family profile that sweeps a curve, this curve is a 3D polyline that I need to import from Autocad.

So, I linked my DWG file, I made this script in order to have the families I am looking for.

The problem is, when I close my Dynamo file everything disappears in revit, and when I look for the family I create I find that the scale is incompatible

When I use the “ꟿ FamilyInstance.ByGeometry” node from the Springs package they still matched, but if I use the “FamilyType.ByGeometry” node, they only appear in the list of families.

do you have any ideas to solve this problem please ?
3D polyline.dwg (18.9 KB)
Sweep Family.dyn (152.8 KB)
Sweep Family.rvt (6.5 MB)

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Hi @Asma_LA

Possible to share relevant rvt and dyn file? It will help others who is trying to help you.

@Kulkul Yes, I did it


Hi @Asma_LA

I am kind experiencing the same issue with respect to the scale of the family instance created.
I have checked the units of the .rfa file and the .rvt file, and they are the same, but the family instance created is way bigger than it is supposed to be.

Any recommendations on where to look?


Hi @Nrs.G

I have to create another topic, of which I had a solution; there is the reference of which you can find the solution: Sweep a profile Family along Curve / Incorrect Scale! - #4 by Asma_LA


Much appreciated for the reply. It works perfectly!! :ok_hand: :100:

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