Sweep blend family

I want to place a swept blend family along a line by start point end point in dynamo. How can I do that??

check this:

it has most of the basics

quite impressive thanks!
But my list is showing empty after the family I selected. Moreover I think this solution is creating a polysurface or a family by sweeping between two points. Mine is to place an already created family along a line or a curve. Quite not understanding this!

As u can see, I want to place this swept blend family in that line behind.

@JacobSmall this one!

Is this a line based family? Point based? An adaptive component?

A what category? Beam? Generic model?

All of these questions are because the original question doesn’t really provide enough context for anyone to help you withou making a lot of guesses and assumptions.

Can you upload an rvt file containing the family in question so we can put everyone on the same page?

Girder family samrudhi final .rfa (720 KB)

I think it is line based because when I load it into project, first I have to draw a model line and then automatically it gets placed.