Swapping a material across a project

Hello Hivemind,

I’m looking to swap out a material across a project. Is that possible?

I’m looking to:
Make Material A Material B.


Yes this is easily possible. I am opening Revit/ Dynamo right now and i will post a simple script when i am finished

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Fantastic. Thank you

On what kind of objects do you want to do this? because if you want to edit custom made families you just have to make a material parameter which is a family type parameter

Wanting to swap “Material A” to “Material B” in all/as many families as possible.

i think for this to work you need to have editable parameters for every family type that you want to change, otherwise it wont be possible to change this parameter at all.

But i think i have a working script for your problem:

craig_SW Dynamo Forum Post 09-10-2019.dyn (20.1 KB)

Great stuff Daan very much appreciated!

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