Surfaces of mullions

How do I get the faces of mullions using python?
(So in OOTB-style: mullion.ByElement - Element.Faces)


	cwmi = cw.CurtainGrid.GetMullionIds()
	cwe = []
	for e in cwmi:
	for e in cwe:
		cwegeometry = []
		for obj in e.get_Geometry(opt):

This gives me GeometryInstances … which I can’t use for getting faces of them?

Anyone a clue?

Have you experimented with the GetInstanceGeometry() method?


yup! @Andreas_Dieckmann

I actually did, and threw away that piece of coding … because to me it seemed still unable to get the references / faces of that …

Api docs didn’t make it any better either …

sigh I think I found it … forgot to indent my GetInstanceGeometry loop so it looped the wrong list … I need some coffee I guess.

GetInstacneGeometry return Geometry Element which I can further use for faces.