Surface from ConvexHull.ByPoints

I want to create each triangular surface from ConvecHull.ByPoints.
That’s why I want to divide these lines into groups of triangles.
Does anyone know how to do that?


Do you have the MeshToolkit 3.0.0 package installed?

Yes, it is installed. Which node should I use?

The node ConvexHull.ByPoints has a yellow color, which means it gives you an error.
If you click on the icon above the node it will give the error
What does it say?

Maybe have a look here too

This error is a work scope error.
I don’t think there is any particular problem with the error.

I’m using Dynamo in Civil 3D.
I referred to the link above, but I don’t have a “Topography.ByPoints” node for Revit.

Eventually I want to create a solid from this Convex Hull and calculate the volume.
Is there any good way?

I’m sorry, I was able to solve it myself.
In this way.

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Great…what is the warning about ? now where its a soulution…

The error is Geometry Working Range.
I thought it was an error that I didn’t have to worry about.