Support forces

Hello everyone,

I am trying to calculate support forces in Dynamo.

this is my situation:
supports can vary between 5 up to 21 supports, all at same distance.

By the way:
the beam will be devided at the same place as the support so there won’t be a bending moment on top.


Sorry, but if not anyone have a lot of extra time and wants to solve this for you, you’ll do better if you can show that you have tried by yourself first.

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If you only need reaction forces just create a surface (or even a volume) for each force and then divide the surfaces (or volumes) at the midpoints between supports, group by nearest column and finally sum the total area (volume).

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i did try it myself

it looks like this:

if it’s between a specific range, than it bears a x value.

but i’m not happy with it.

thank you!
i will try it that way