Sum of Gross Area

I am getting a “Dereferencing a no pointer” error while trying to make a total of gross area.
Can any one help me out. Thank you.

actuall you got string values, you need elements

@Draxl_Andreas I understood what you are saying. How can I retrieve elements from strings(Gross Building).

Hey @Deniz_Maral when I connected them directly, the filter did not work. It results in summing rentable areas too.

From which objects do you want to get value of “Level” parameter?

From “Gross building area”

Where I circled the node in red, instead of a List.Filter use a List.FilterByBoolMask

Then wire per the purple lines.

Hey @JacobSmall I did not find the image.
Thank you in advance.

Whoops! My bad.

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Hey that worked out upto some extent, Thank you. But, here we go again!!

Hey @JacobSmall here is how I am thinking, I was able retrieve areas If I take input of Area. you can see that in bubble 1.
The red arrow shows the node flow “Area >Area scheme>Gross/rentable.
The blue arrow is how we should reverse the flow " Gross >Area Schreme> Area”
I believe there should be a node at second bubbles to retrieve the “Area scheme” into 'Areas".
Area can be directly used after that to sum and etc.
I have tried with “Element name” & “Element Category” as you can see in picture, but that did not work.
Thank you.

another edit:

Remember when you filter your list, you need to filter the element you want to work with. Area schemes don’t have an area (nor do I believe they have a level, but I could be wrong).

Okay, I get it. But how to get this done now?

See the red curve I drew above.

Hey that worked out perfect @JacobSmall. Thank you. Now I understood where I could have looked before.
Thank you.

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