Sum numbers in the same list

I would like to get the sum of the second level numbers in a list. Now I have two numbers, but I may have a list with more numbers. How can I get it? Thanks

List.GetItemAtIndex with the list input having @L3 depth and the index value 1.

Then because you have an extra level of depth List.Flatten to remove all the structure.

Then Mat.Sum.

Thanks Jacob, my English isn´t good. That I would like to get is, in the new image, the sum between:

10 List
4,32+4,32 = 8,64
11 List
31,49 = 31,49
12 List
4,32+4,3199999 = 8,6399999999

It’s an example, but I´ll have other numbers, o more numbers etc etc

Ah. Try this:

List.Flatten @L3 depth on the list input.


Yeeeeeessss!!! Very thanks Jacob!!!

What if there are more then 2 numbers in a sub list as the question stated?

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