Suggestion - graph documentation

Hi Dynamoers,
obviously we can group nodes and name them, put notes.
but to properly document each graph and understand what node is used, in which version,it would be appreciable to add a text like the picture below to tell from the start where from, what, which version.

what yall think?


Good idea. Even if this was added as a pop up display as you hover over a node title? I have just been grouping with a header, writing a description note for the script or pointing all users to the same network path for packages to avoid any issues of “node not found”

pop up display as you hover over a node title?

getting the option to have a “hover” or an “engraved” in the node would be a great UI upgrade.

Good wish list item and the below is how i currently tackle this issue.

package indicator

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The note is the typical method for documenting this at my office as well. I have considered adding version numbers to this due to renaming issues as packages grow and change, but have held off because it felt redundant.

Out of curiosity, how would a graph read the correct version of a node in the illustrated example? If I create a graph and have archilab 1.12.10 and @Ewan_Opie opens it and has 1.13.2 do we both see 1.12.10 as I wrote it with that or does he see 1.13.2?

You guys know that right clicking and getting the properties will indicate the data about the package including the sub heading, right?

right clicking will not help in this case:

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me too

Correct but I’m wondering how the node would store the version and package if you have neither…or refer to the old package I’d you have newer…