Sub-list Shuffle with DesignScript not working

Greeting to all,
I posted 2 days ago asking for help regarding making shuffle for a sub-list and I got great advice to regard it, which is to use some Python coding and I tried it, it was working, as I tested it in 2 laptops, both were working perfectly, today, I just restarted my laptop and run the python script, one of the laptops showing error now!! as I had no knowledge in Python I did not understand why!! any help would be really appreciated, thanks
Capture of error in python

which error do you get?

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Simply the shuffle not working!! and the result all “Null”

Hello @firas007noori,

Please try changing your b = {}; to b = [];

In Dynamo 2.0, we changed the way lists work in DesignScript, migrating from curley braces { } to square braces [ ] as we split up the old lists into real Lists and Dictionaries.

Lists now use square braces: [ ]
Dictionaries now use curley braces: { }

This switch also had us deprecate (Make redundant) some old nodes, including Count in lieu of List.Count.

Please also change n = Count(a) - 1; to n = List.Count(a) - 1;

It should look as below:

And the DesignScript code snippet:

def shuffleFix(a : var[]){
return = [Imperative]{
b = [];
n = List.Count(a) - 1;
for (_ in a)
    i = Math.Random(0, n);
    b = List.AddItemToEnd(a[i],b);
    a = List.RemoveItemAtIndex(a, i);
    n = n -1;
return = b;
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