Structural Columns&Wall Join Detection

I have a problem with the detection of Structural columns that join with the wall. I’ve joined walls and columns with the “Join Geometry” node. Is there any way to detect these joined walls and hosted elements?

Can you share the rvt file? :slight_smile:

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Hello! thank you for help.
The idea is my dynamo script creates structural columns automaticly. then script join it with walls. But my columns and walls heights aare different. I want to equal them.
Thanks again!

Project1.rvt (3.3 MB)

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First of all, thank you again.
I think I have problem with the Joining method. Because on my list I can see all the families and walls in the list.

Not sure what the question/problem is here?

But if you need the walls and columns to be exact same height, you can filter the walls from the “Join Geometry” list and then take the height from them and add to the colums joined with wall by using the above node.

Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood your question :slight_smile:

Okay, maybe I start from the beginning :slight_smile:
In my case, columns should join to the wall and get joined walls height.
But the node that I use to join, this node cross production my walls and columns.
So when I looked at the Rhythm node I see everything is joined together :smiley:

I can’t join my walls and columns right way. Because my method for joining is wrong.
Can you help me with joining columns and walls properly?
Thank you

Now my columns take different walls height parameter :smiley:

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Ahh! Oaky, makes better sence now.

Can you share the .dyn file too? :slight_smile: