Structural Columns checking of location and section between linked files


I am looking to check if structural columns in structural file are in same X,Y vertical than structural columns in architectural file, and if so, check if the column section is the same.

I am trying to do it with elements data but also looking the geometry and it seems a bit complicated.

If there is a quick way to analyse that would be very helpful.

If you are interested in a python solution, then you could get the swept profile geometry by FamilyInstance.GetSweptProfile(). This will give you access to the profile and driving curve. You should test first if the FamilyInstance.HasSweptProfile() though.

From getting the swept profile FamilyInstance.GetSweptProfile().GetSweptProfile() you can formulate a boundingbox around the curves and do a vector between min/max which will give you the x/y values. This will of course only care about actual extents of profile, not the section type, however you could check this with the Family.StructuralSectionShape property and do a comparison.