Structural Column Layout - Newbie

I’m trying to create a column layout using Dynamo. This is my first stab at creating geometry in dynamo. I based the workings of this model off a tutorial. The nodes I created function just like the tutorial. The problem arose when I decided the array columns vs chairs. I got "Warning: FamilyInstance.ByPoint operation failed. Instance of a level-based family cannot be created without a valid reference level." I added “levels” and “Family point and level”. I’m still getting “Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of ByPoint that takes arguments of type (Function,__array).” Any help would be appreciated.

Columns are not point based objects the way chairs are, as they have an upper constraint that is instance based, and as such are more like a curve based element (but like most framing elements, they are more unique than ‘just’ a curve). Fortunately there is a node to help with the transition from chairs to columns:

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