String from object

For some reason the “string from object” node doesn’t work. When I connect a string to string.contains everything works like a charm. When I convert the user input to a string it doesn’t work. What am I missing?
Situation 1 is working

Situation 2 is not working

Are there two blanks between Definitief ontwerp?

There is only one blank between the 2 words

When I use levels the next node “list.FilterByboolmask” doesn’t work anymore

FilterBoolmask does not work because of levels. Check levels of Elements and arrange it again.

Ok, but on the first two screenshots I’m not making use of the levels. The 3e screenshot was just an example that somehow does show the entire list with true and false.

String from objects has two levels but string node has only one level. That is why they look like that.
If you use List.Create after string node and connect it, it has to look like string from object node.

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The solution was to put a code block between the user input and the string from object.

Thanks for the help

Yes, you were trying to see if a String.Contains did contain a list, not the string in that list :smiley: