String.Contains "Flow" or "Check" in a one step process

Checked on several examples in the forum and google search. It seems I should be able to do this in a single step, but alas I cannot.
I converted OOTB String.Contains node to code in an effort to see if I might be able to combine their code, but I don’t know enough about DesignScript.
And I put these both in a list and fritzed around with Lacing, but it seems to only filter the last element of the list.
Can someone give me a hint perhaps?


@mdhutchinson Does this help?


param1 = DSCore.String.Contains(input, "Flow");
param2 = DSCore.String.Contains(input, "Check");
mask= param1 || param2;
filterd = DSCore.List.FilterByBoolMask(families,mask);

Yes it does help. I learned some things on this with your help.
DesignScript in a CodeBlock has more intelligence then I thought… IntelliSense :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s what I have thus far.
I’d appreciate any comments you have!