List.FilterByBoolMask Output Only Contains One Item

I have a project containing a lot of piping and I want to be able to select and filter them by system name. My selection grabs all of the piping in the project, but when I attempt to filter out all of the cold water piping (System Name contains CW) the output only contains one item. Is there a certain way this should be done with system families that is different from how it is done with regular families? I have no trouble filtering out sheets in a similar way. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @Colton_Haney maybe try string.contains,

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@paris Thanks for the quick response! Using String.Contains rather than List.Contains seems to have worked. I am now getting the two lists I was expecting to get. Do you know the reasoning behind why the String.Contains node works but the List.Contains node does not?

List.Contains checks to see if a list contains an item. You supplied one list so you got one boolean back.

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@Nick_Boyts Ok, that makes sense. Thank you for the explanation!