String Contains - Exact Search Terms

Dumb question - When using String.Contains (or similar), is there a way to search for the exact character string, rather than all occurrences of the individual characters? I’m trying to adjust some parameters and only want to modify family types that have 32.5" in their name, rather than family types that contain 3, 2, or 5.

Can you do a String.Contains with the search parameter being 32.5"?

I did, and it returns anything with those characters.

Maybe you can use the OOTB “==” node :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you show the output of String from Object? It is working for me.

It might be a case of list levels, since the sublists contain it.

Here’s the whole graph. Once filtered I can get the parameters set, I’m just having a Monday and can’t get the filtering down.

You’re not using the flattened list of elements.

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Like I said - total Monday over here… Thanks :beers:


Way better than String.Contains :smiley: