StraightBeam.ByStartPointEndPoint node acting unexpectedly

Hi everyone,
Newbie here. After watching some video tutorials, I decided to try to generate a parametric stockpile structure. It is quite similar to the Circus sample file from where I got the principle logic. It seemed to work fine until I noticed that when I start a drawing from scratch, load the dynamo file and run it, some of the beams are created in unexpected locations or not created at all. I cannot find where the issue is but I found that copying the StraightBeam.ByStartPointEndPoint node and deleting the original one solves the problem. So exactly the same code but the node is ‘refreshed’. Anyone have an idea why this might be?

I cannot attach the .dyn file since I’m new but if someone has an idea please send a message I’ll figure out a way to send it to you.

this problem might be related to the dynamo node optimizations (the node is executed only if the input of the node has changed since the last script run)