Storage Type is ElementID - how do i get a list of these ID's?

I want to use excel to populate my space types for a building. the space type parameter storage type is ElementID and i cannot figure out how to get a list of all the ID’s associated to the built in Revit Space Types. without these i don’t think i can populate the parameter through dynamo?

I recently saw at AU that another company was doing a similar method of populating the space information through excel and dynamo but i’m struggling with my import from excel due to the storage type being incompatible.

I can get a list of all the Space Types using the Rhythm node SpaceType.All but then i cannot figure out how to find the associated ElementIDs to each item in the list.

@john_pierson is there an additional node in the rhythm package that i am just missing or am i trying to do an impossible task!

Hi @Kirsty_Hogg

Here is how you can get and set space types:

Thanks @Kulkul, yeah I’ve managed to do it like that but we have buildings with hundreds of rooms and we kind of need to be able to do edits in bulk via excel without having to outline each space in the Dynamo script.

Did you see my response in your other post?

^ what he said. :slight_smile:

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Thanks this worked for getting the ID’s, unfortunately it hasn’t solved my import script problem :sob:

Some pseudo code for you to try out:

Bring in the name from excel;
Get all space types;
Get the name of all space types;
Test the names against the values from excel;
Use a List.FilterByBoolMask node with correct lacing and list levels, with the space types as the list and the test results as the mask (may be @L2 for the mask with longest lacing);
Flatten the list so you have a single depth as your scheduled elements will be that as well;
Pull the Element ID from the included list as shown above, and set your parameter values as needed.

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Thanks I’ll try it when I go back into the office tomorrow!