Space Type Element ID Setting

I wanted to make a quick script to set the Space Type parameter of a space based on a filtered list.

But when I use a string to set the parameter value I get an error that says “The parameter’s storage type is not a string”.

It seems like the storage type is ElementID but I’m not sure how to create a parameter value for an Element ID.

You’ll need to send in a Space Type element rather than a string.

You can get the space types like this:

You can then filter out the one(s) you require.

Okay follow up question, I ran into a small snag because there are some space types with similar names.

Is there a way to select a specific element of a list and pass that value along?

You could use an == to check for an exact match to the name string rather String.Contains (I’m guessing that’s what you’re using, your graph is zoomed out too far to see node names).

Okay I will give that a try, Thank you! But hopefully the last error, it seems like I can’t set multiple element values at the same time, is there a way around this?


I’m actually not sure on that one - I’ve never used that node before so I’m not sure what inputs it’s expecting. If you plug the right inputs into an ‘Element.SetParameterByName’ node you should be good.