Stacking multiple lists - keep sublists


I have been able to self help my dynamo problems, but have run into one that I have having trouble with. Here is what I am trying to accomplish (see image for an example):
I am extracting all element, type, and family parameters from Electrical Equipment, and want to export this data to Excel for review. In column 1, I have been successful in listing all the parameter names. In Column 2, I want all of Electrical Equipment #1’s values for these parameters, Column 3, all Eq #3’s, etc.

Since the Element parameters are a list, Type params a list, etc, they are starting their own columns (see image). Is there a way to organize according to the image? I am happy to supply .rvt and .dyn files if that helps. Thank you in advance for any insight or direction you can provide!

It would be helpful to see how your data looks like in Dynamo before finally being connected to the ExportExcel node. Based on your diagram it looks like the data is a list of matrices but you just want it to be a single matrix. It might be as simple as flattening the list by a single level, but I can’t say for sure.

Hi @dewaltamos

Thank you for your responses.

@cgartland I added a screenshot with some Watch nodes to show pre-Excel, as well as an Excel to show how the final data looks.

@Kulkul I can see how your graph works, and it does work when inputting the placeholder text (i.e. P1-EP1), but I think I am having trouble getting the three parameter sets (Element, Type, Family) to be in one long list, and still have the combined sets show in their own Equipments column (Panel 1, Panel 2, etc). Perhaps the attachments can help - apologies for the large list of data in the Excel.

Excel document of Dynamo output:
Parameter Pull.xlsx (12.6 KB)

Here is a revised illustration of what is happening:

Look at my list structure how i got at List.AddItemToFront and apply the same in your workflow.

Thank you @Kulkul for your reply. I did incorporate the List.AddItemToFront, and was able to get my graph to function as needed. I really appreciate your time and knowledge. Next, I am going to work on importing from an Excel file; I’ll scour the forum and work on that. Have a great day!