Hello mates !! i just want to ask a question about the Facesplit function in Revit !! can we use this function with the Revit API ? on python iron shell for Dynamo for example ?? I Cheked the SDK file and i’ve not find any function to split the face usinr curves il the FaceSplitter Class , if anybody have tried to do that ans can answer it would be cool ;).

What are you trying to split? Could you delineate.

Hello @Kulkul ! a Floor more precisely !! in order to put a new matrial to his surface without creation new layer and modifying the Floor parameters !

Have you tried free app “CreateFloorFinishes”?


No! it seems good and very helpful to me but if it’s possible i want to learn if there is a function in Revit API who perform this or not :slight_smile:

One BIM nerd to another… avoid the Split Face tool in projects. I mean, unless you like Revit deleting your work on the regular. :wink: