Split surface by distance

Hi guys,
I am trying to split a surface to prepare the plywoods required for the cocnrete job.
I would like to split this element by 2’ x 8’ but I am stuck here. Could somebody help me push this a little bit please!

thanks for your help!

Could you maybe sketch an output which you want to achieve?

Isocurve by parameter on surface will do the trick. Split on the U axis first, then split the ribbons on the V axis.

To get the number of parameter build one isocurve on the U and V axis and divide each by 2’ and 8’ respectively.

It will simplify the splitting if you turn the U and V isocurves into two polysurfaces using a polysurface by joined surfaces node after extruding them.

I am not sure I understand, I am sorry,

I made my extrude as solid in Zaxis and according to the length. This becomes the surface and we split the surface into UV.U and UV.V in 2 different steps. but what would be the endParam?
Also, my poylsurface by joined surfaces node require a surface, by extruding it becomes a solid so it doesnt work
thanks for your help Jacob!

Also, do you guys know how to remove the original shape? I want to flip and place it all together, but the original shape stays there ! dynamo not easy lol

Not easy, but not really hard comparatively and most of the programs in AEC aren’t easy either. Have you gone through the Dynamo Primer yet? It is set up to give you a good overview of how to get started. Don’t skip any one exercise, even if it feels like something you won’t need. The outcomes aren’t important, but the methods used to get there are.

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I will go in primer! its a good idea!

thanks sir!

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