Split list into sublist based on element's values

Hello Dynamo gurus,

I’ve been trying to understand some list functions on Dynamo, albeit having knowledge of Grasshopper list manipulation. How would I split a list into sublists based on element’s values? In this case, I have 4 columns on 3 floors (Level 0, 1, 2). I would like the column list to be splitted in to order:

[0] List

  1. Column on level 0
[1] List
  1. Column on level 1
  2. Column on level 1
[2] List
  1. Column on level 2
Please have a look at my screenshot to have a better idea what I'm trying to do.

Many thanks for your helps and looking forward to your response.

All the best,


Screenshot (16)

You should be able to use the group by key node, the key will be a function that returns the level of the column

Wonderful, thank you very much Michael!


Use Element.ElevationOfHostLevel (package Clockwork) as the key projector when using GroupByKey.

Thank you Andreas for your input. I managed to use the node Element.GetParameterValueByName, with “Level”; as my parameter and it works the way I wished. The Element.ElevationOfHostLevel is an interesting node though, I will keep it in mind for future use. I’m getting addicted to Dynamo!