Split Element

How can i split element at certain points the same like revit.

Revit doesn’t split elements under the hood. It moves the original element location from start point to ‘split point’ and creates a new element from the split point to the old end point. There are several good posts on the forum which reference how to do this based on your end goal.

and how to be able to do it …???


Hi @jacob.small ,

I searched through the forum, but cannot find them.

Do you have the link regarding

-Structural Framing.

Or are you referring to the method using Parts?

And is the command using the build-in command “split Element” not employable?

I mean… that post was about 6 years ago, so I have nothing either, and if I did there are a LOT of changes that have happened in that timeframe.

Considering the age, best to start a new topic with an outline of what you’re after. My guess is I was referring to the ‘split’ command that is available when you select a linear element, which is not exposed in the API last I checked.