Specifiying lines between points in lists dynamically

15-09-30 line grid by point










I’m looking for approaches to enable one to change the number of columns or rows of points and their spacing and thereafter generate a simple x/y line between neighboring points. (Later I plan to place a structural framing element on said line between points.) Making the line grid is not so hard but takes a while; making it smart and dynamic when changing the number of rows or columns is turning out to be quite a challenge. I can’t find a combination of lists or recurrions which redefine the list of points automatically depending on the number of rows or columns. If anyone is open to suggesting approuches and which nodes to try I would be very grateful.


I’d say your best choice is running the points through a “PolyCurve.ByPoints” node and then extracting the curves from those:


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Thankfully that seems to be doing what I need. Awesome.