Space.isPointInside node

Does anyone know how to get the node Space.IsPointInside ?

While I search for packages online I found that search returned with no results. and also if anybody can tell me how to install the new packages after downloading it.

Just to add details I was editing a script from my old mate when I executed I found that this node is not loaded. I tried my level best but I am not a success in installing those node.

Duct Tape has one,

But keep in mind that the package hasn’t been updated in a bit so your mileage may vary. This one is actually on my backlog to get current.


I want one with mask output and space, point as the input.

Also, online package search return with no search results in it. Why?

Search for tape instead :wink:

I searched for it and downloaded but after installing it, when I go to package manager it show no contents inside ducttape.

You will need to load the package DLL to get this one into Dynamo.

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Actually update to the Revit helped me getting online packages.Thanks a lot for the replies.

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