Space Adjacency Study

This is a continuation of a discussion started by Andrew Tisue : Space syntax / adjacency relationships generation

Two videos from that post that outline the objectives: Video1, Video2

As I have cluttered that thread with some seemingly unrelated posts, I’ve started this thread to post some relevant Dynamo definitions I’ve been working on.

To begin with, here is a relatively simple first step with a linear arrangement of spaces which are represented by circles corresponding to their areas and their positions determined by the indicated Adjacency Factor/strength.

AdjacencyL.dyn (38.8 KB)

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Dynamo Linear Adjacency on youtube


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The next step.

File: AdjacencyM.dyn


AdjacencyM.dyn (40.0 KB)

Vikram, keep up the interesting work and love the posts!

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Thanks Myles Martin

Working on making the last posted definition a little more robust.

Meanwhile, comments and suggestions are welcome as I attempt to step up the level of complexity.

@Vikram_Subbaiah have you been working more on this?

I’m starting to look into the topic myself and find your posts super interesting. I’d love to see where you are/have been taking this.



Thank you @Vikram_Subbaiah for this great work, Can you reupload the dynamo file, please?

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