Sorting problem of wall coordinate points

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I am trying to find the coordinates of all the walls in a building. I have some questions about how the coordinates are arranged. As an example, as the picture shows, there is a wall containing windows. The order in which I found the coordinates doesn’t seem to be regular (the color represents the order of appearance).


How can I regularly list the coordinates of walls first and then list the coordinates of the windows?

Thank you for your help.

Try getting the curves from the face instead of the vertices, then group them into loops and build a surface from each. The surface with the largest area is the wall, the rest are windows (or doors, or something else which penetrates the wall’s face).

Try using Element.Location+ by Clockwork. Walls Are based on Curves while Windows are based on Points. this will help you in sorting your elements and get the coordinates the way your asking.

Thank you for your help, I have already finished.

Can you post the solution for others to learn from?

Thank you! This method is my first time using a new node from clockwork.But I found that after using the nodes, they are all empty values.

image link :

No problem. I will post my solution later, thank you.

I found that after I used the curve method, its arrangement became regular (I used to use vertices may be affected by the coordinate system).

Then I can find the starting point and the ending point, which helps me find the order of how to form a wall.

Image link :

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