Sorting Points on Curve according to the distance from Start

Hello Everyone, I am trying to sort points on every curve according to the distance from the start point, so I tried to draw a line from the start point to each point and it worked only for one curve, and it went wrong when I tried to change the lacing for longest, is there any way to solve it to get these lines separately on every curve .

I am really appreciated for any help

Parameter at point OOTB node might help here. Then sort the list of points using the parameters

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Curve.ParameterAtPoint would likely work better here.

Lacing will matter based on how your lists are structured will Use the lines AL2 or L1 (depending on your lacing) and the points at L3 or L2.

Hello Simon,thansk for your answer, I am sorry I am not very familiar with the shortcut, what OOTB means, which node is this?

Hallo jacob, thanks for the answer , Do you mean like this ?

but how to reorder the point list according to these values , i tried List GetItemAtIndex but it took only two points

OOTB = out of the box. This refers to nodes found in the default dynamo node library i.e. you don’t need to load packages to use them

List.SortByKey should help from there. Lacing and list levels will matter.

Thanks Jacob , it works now :slight_smile: