Sorting out strings in a list

Hello everybody,

Is there a way to sort out all strings from the following list based on the double numerical values?
In the end, each “variant” should only exist once.


Thanks in advance!

Hello …do you mean something like this

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Many Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed!
But how can I set the @Lx in the “List.LastItem” and “List.UniqueItems” block? This possibility does not exist for me …

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can you show an image ?

try to expand the little arrow in right side and set to level2…hope it helps

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another solution

import sys
import re

listA = IN[0]
if all('(\d+[\,\.]\d+)', x) is not None for x in listA):
	listA.sort(key = lambda x : float('(\d+\.\d+)', x.replace(',','.')).group(1)))
OUT = listA

Thanks that was the mistake. It works.

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Yes @c.poupin great way too…your old python shark :wink: :wink:


Thanks for your solution. This will sort the values in pairs, right? I think it would work because I can now remove every second value.

the code sort list string by decimal value
a small change has been made