Sorting a list of Generic Annotations from a list (solved)


I was asked if i could get quantities from 2D elementsout from a large diagram made in a drafting view. There are lot of generic annotation, each annotation represents a electrical component that is needed in the project, but the 3d model does not display it.

I got all the “Generic Annotations” out in a list form, ready to export it to excel. But i would like to sort it so instead of having 4651 instances in my list, to have 1 of each generic annotation symbol and a number of how many times it is in my project.

I attached a of my script. (I tried to upload the dynamo file, but got an error saying that new users can not upload files)

Hope this is an easy task for some one :slight_smile:


You would be after List.GroupByKey. Note @L2 list level in the List.Count node


Hi Mike

Thanks for your quick and good answer, it worked out :slight_smile: !

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