Sort two different lists by theirs parameter values

Hello everybody!

The problem is:

There are two nodes I am working with.

  1. Sheets.Viewports - returns viewports of sheet.
    2.Springs.Sheets.Views+ - returns view from sheet.

But order of outcoming elements of these two lists are different. I mean viewport doenst always matches up with view.

Check out this picture.

So I need to sort these two lists in the same order.

I tried to sort by keys, using IDs from one list, but it didnt work.
I can normaly sort these values (Names of views) of parameters, but how can I sort original two lists using these values?

Please help with that, or, maybe there is another node already made, which returns viewports and views with the same order of elements?

this may be of assistance

Can you please upload a higher resolution image, I cant read it properly.

Hmm sorry for the clarity…will attach it in the morning as I don’t currently have access to a cpu.

Ok, I have figured out what you have on image. But it seems to be kinda strange for me. In node ContainsItem you check if list of values of parameters contains list of sheets. This will always return false, so whats the point? So in the result you have the list equal to the original ones.

sorry I jumped the gun…did you have any luck would be interested in knowing the answer ?