Sort by key


Hi again.:nerd:

Sort By Key node is sorting the keys by ascending. How can I sort it by decreasing?
I always have a problem, that I can order any keys it the way I want, but I do not understand how can I correspondingly change the order of the elements.


Maybe reverse it at the correct level? Don’t know the complexity of your data, but should work.


Hi @sashka364

Here is another possible way. Using “SortIndexByValue” it sorts a specified list by the values of its members in either ascending or descending order.



I am trying to sort and set a parameter.
I managed to get every element a unique number.
I want the same length of cabletray to get the same prefabnumber.
How can i accomplish that?
(please look at the top one).


Seems like you’d be better off using GroupByKey instead and next sort within each group

Also, you should consider creating a new topic.