Sort Lists based on other sorted lists

Hi all,

This could be small question. but I have a list(elements) and their parameters give me the item category code(just numbers). So i want to sort those category codes first and then based on that sort the elements and create groups when the category codes change. for instance 1 to 2 to 3 and so on. I used List group by key to make the groups but the category codes are not sorted out per order

I hope I have got what you are after…In my example I have just created a couple of random lists, letters and numbers (both the same length), and then using the List.SortByKey node to sort the letters by the numbers and then group the letter by the numbers using the List.GroupByKey.

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hi Scott, I tried your logic but still doesn’t give me what i want. i guess the keys won’t work, it has something to do with the sort order.

Is this the logic you are looking for?