Sort by function - Text parameter in numeric order

I’m trying to sort sheets by a custom text parameter, so i get it sorted like a string,

how can i get it sorted in a numeric order?


String to number node. :slight_smile:

String to number node didn’t help here, since its sorting by revit data.

This failed?

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Thanks @JacobSmall,
It works for one time, but i dont know why now its not work…

@SamBerk I believe @JacobSmall was using the Code Block before String to Number to create a similar list to your “Sheet Number Set 2” Parameter values, you do not need the Code Block :slight_smile:


@awilliams is correct. I was just trying to recreate your dataset as I don’t have your Revit file or the rest of your script.

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Thanks @JacobSmall and @awilliams
Now it works :smile: