Solids union issue, windows and doors area



Hello mates, i have an issue a want to calculate the area of windows, and for that i want to make a union of all it’s solids in order to make it one and then make an intersection with a plan to get a surface and calculate the area, but i’m getting stuck in the begining with the union issue, please if someone could help


Hi @talbimam,

You have a nested list of solids so i think you have to add “levels” to the Solid.ByUnion node.

Use levels

For more information see

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hello @MJB-online i’ve just tried it but it gives me the same amount of solids ! still no union :confused:


@MJB-online i want to find any solution to get the area of windows and doors with complexe geometry (not width x height method) (eg: windows and dorrs with arc) any idea to start ?


Hi @talbimam,

It works for me (your initial question).

Maybe someone else can help you with your next question, i have to leave (my Dynamo computer) now.

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you can try flattening the list it should give you a single solid


@MJB-online i think that the problem comes from the solids of the windows ! Thank you
@SouravGanguli thank you but i don’t think flattening will solve the issue.


If you want to end up with just one solid from both (sub)lists, you can try to set levels value to 1 (instead of 2).

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