Slab Span Direction

Hi everyone,

I made a script to change the slab span direction symbol to two way slab or one way slab (horizontal /vertical) based on load shortest path.

The workflow applied is described below-

  1. Use tag all function for all slab, with horizontal direction as default
  2. Run dynamo script to change the symbol based on the slab type (one way or two way)

I have tested the script and it works on my test revit file. However, when I applied it on actual project the slab span symbol appeared randomly. Can someone help me solve this problem?

slab span direction 2.rvt (2.8 MB)
Tag_edit_slabSpanDirection_a.dyn (63.5 KB)

The rvt file which you dropped is your actual project? If not is it possible to drop here dummy rvt with few elements inside which you think is not working for you.

What I meant the rvt file is actual project as it demonstrates real building shape and arrangement of slabs. This design was discarded last year and have been my test file since then.

I do have dummy rvt file, unfortunately the script works as intended.
slab span direction 3.rvt (3.2 MB)