Simplify List

after few operations I need to simplify the list.

what I have is:

[0] list
    [0] list
         [0] point A</code>
<code>         [1] point b
    [1] list
         [0] point c
</code>         [1] point d</pre>
[2] list
     [0] point e</code>

[1] point f

What I need is this:

[0] point A
[1] point b
[2] point c
[3] point d

any clue will be very nice.
thanks in advance


Use List flatten by amount.

Check screens:


thanks a lot ABHIJEET;

Nevertheless, I have an extra index per List. is like this {{p1, p2}, {p2, p3}, {p4, p5}}, {{p1a, p2a}, {p2a, p3a}, {p4a, p5a}}

what I need is: {p1, p2, p3 ,p4}, {p1a, p2a, p3a, p4a}

please have a look the image.


You can try something like this.

With lacing set to Longest …