Simpler Method to Assigning Sub-Packages based on specific numbering

Is there a quicker way to write this? We have a numbering system between electrical, mechanical, public health, then seperate numbers to suit…
So the script below basically does this, but as you can see i’ll probably have to copy and paste it around 20 times, i’d rather not.

Any advice would be great, i’m not overly familiar with writing codeblocks or python scripting which is how i presume this would be done, so if anyone could at least point me in the right direction i’d really appreciate it.


What previous post? Kinda confused by the question.

Sorry if my question didn’t make sense. I’ll try elaborate.
Below you’ll find an image of me creating individual groups to seperate the Disciplines and Sub Disciplines.

Because there is so much of them, it becomes extremely messy, I was wondering if there was a way to write a codeblock or python script to tidy this sort of mess up.Drawing Register Create Sheets v2.0.dyn (181.5 KB)

Thanks for the reply erfajo.

I’m going to try implement it into my script either tonight or tomorrow.
I get what you are trying to do, just finding it a problem to incorporate it without breaking previous parts of my script.


I’ll mark it Solved when I can figure out how to put it into my script :laughing: